The actions starts at 3pm, on the 24 May, 2014 AT THE DECK BAR IN DARWIN, NT

Every year, the Firefighters from the Northern Territory Fire & Rescue Service hold a challenge amongst themselves.
This grueling event is a race to see who can race to the top of NT House, climbing the stairs and back down, wearing full turn out gear and breathing apparatus, and upon exiting the building “rescue a damsel in distress” and cross the finish line with her. The Firefighter who is the fastest wins.
The popular event is allows Firefighters from the NTFRS raise money for a selected worthy charity, through sponsorship from local business and generous donations on the night of the event.

This years chosen charity is Lifeline Top End.Brand Positioning Logo CMYK-1

The fun event is held at the famous Deckbar and it is a main Darwin event that everyone wants to attend!


Who and what is Fire Promotions Associations Incorporated?

Fire Promotions Association Incorporated was established by Firefighters of the NT to raise funds, support community-based activities and various charities.
The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) is an integral part of the Territory community and ensures public fire safety issues are reduced as part of the wider strategic focus.

What is the rescue Me event?

Rescue Me is an exciting event organised by FPAI annually at The Deck Bar and NT House in Darwin’s CBD.
Darwin maidens, representing local business, are rescued by our NT Firies in the NT House Stair Climb. Training for months in advance, fire fighters must climb all fourteen floors of NT house in full fire fighting attire, rescuing a maiden before crossing the finish line.

The firefighter with the best time wins and his maiden wins dinner, cooked by the firefighters, for herself and her friends at Mararra fire station.
Rescue Me attracts a large media contingency and is a highly popular event within the Darwin community.

A brief history of the NTFRS

The NTFRS is a much smaller service than our interstate counterparts.

The NT Fire and Rescue Service are responsible for providing services throughout the Territory, often responding to incidents hundreds of kilometres away. While fire fighters are best known for attending fires in homes or building, the NT fire fighters provide a range of services including;
• road crash rescue
• fire alarm monitoring
• community awareness/fire education activities
• fire awareness and intervention
• rural land management


Our People
With only 200 permanent staff to cover the entire Northern Territory, it’s no wonder our Fire fighters are busy. Each year our Territory fire fighters are subjected to the horrors of road incidents and fires and that’s why our people support each other and rally together to get the job done. Not just anyone can be a fire fighter. More than just holding a hose and lifting heavy things, our firies work together to ensure the safety of all Territorians. Without the camaraderie, the NT Fire and Rescue Service wouldn’t be the successful organisation that it is today.


Responding to community concern in Darwin about the lack of fire protection an agreement was made to establish a fire brigade. As there were no qualified fire fighters in the Northern Territory, two fire fighters from NSW became the Territory’s first firies. Unfortunately the fire appliance was on a ship on it’s way to Darwin when the Japanese launched the first of many air raids against Darwin on 19 February 1942 and volunteers and fire fighters had to rely on a trailer pump found in Darwin. Since then our volunteer base has grown and equipment sourced from other jurisdictions to ensure progression to the great fire service we see today.

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